Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd

Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd specialise in the design, development and manufacture of Gloveboxes, Dry Anaerobic Gloveboxes and Bespoke Containment Systems for the storage, handling and processing of hazardous,  toxic and air sensitive substances.

Saffron products are designed for reliability and ease of service and are built to the highest standards of quality.

We boast a qualified service team that undertakes on site service visits at reasonable rates and we are continuously developing ways to improve our service to make your lives easier. 

We are also able to offer servicing and refurbishment for other manufacturers gloveboxes and containment systems including Miller Howe, Faircrest, MBraun and Alvic.  We appreciate that returning to the original manufacturer of your glovebox in order to have it serviced or refurbished can sometimes be extremely difficult and expensive, which is why we have extended our service to include other manufacturers.

Please contact us direct for further information.

Saffron also offers a full range of spares including:

  • Gauntlets – neoprene, butyl, Hypalon®, Viton®, natural rubber latex, polyurethane and others on request (all hand and port sizes)
  • Glove-ports
  • Glove-port bungs
  • Spare columns
  • Column refill chemicals by the kilo
  • Meters
  • All connectors and handles

We can help by providing spares for other makes of gloveboxes.  Please contact us for further help and information.