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Saffron glovebox to help clean up environment

Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd has provided the University of Bristol's Interface Analysis Centre with an Alpha 3 port glovebox. With the capability of creating a positive or negative pressure environment at the flick of a switch, the glovebox is being used in the research of environmental issues at the Centre.

The Problem:

The traditional methods of remediating land and water sites contaminated with heavy metals and/or radionuclides are often prohibitively expensive or technically difficult. Researchers at the Interface Analysis Centre (IAC), University of Bristol needed a controlled yet flexible environment to investigate new remediation technologies for application to such sites.

The Solution:

Saffron designed a bespoke glovebox around the requirements of the University’s IAC. This involved adapting a glovebox from Saffron’s Alpha range to include 3 ports as well as a pressure control switch, to easily change between a positive and negative pressure environment.

Earth Scientists at the University of Bristol’s IAC commented – "New methods of in situ remediation involve the use of reactive materials to immobilise pollutant species from groundwater by chemical absorption and reductive precipitation. It is hoped that an improved understanding of the mechanisms involved in the sorption reactions will permit the development of less costly, more effective remediation techniques."

The Result:

The Saffron glovebox has assisted the research of environmental issues in two significant ways: 

  • Firstly, it acts as a simple containment facility, making the handling of contaminated material safer. 
  • Secondly, the glovebox allows for greater control and flexibility in the experimental conditions, allowing the environment to be tailored according to the reactions. This will enable the IAC to elucidate the mechanisms involved in soil/water systems below ground level, where oxygen levels are greatly reduced.


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