Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd

Environmental chamber to assist in Asthma research

Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd has assisted drug discovery company Aldezon in the design, development and manufacture of an environmental chamber/glove-box to assist them in their Asthma research.

The glovebox is intended to be used in the mixing of organometallic compounds for use on substrates in the electronics industry.

The Problem:

St George’s Hospital Medical School (SGHMS) needed to source a company who could design, develop and manufacture a containment system specific for their individual needs; that of developing a treatment to help those who already have asthma and to protect those who are at greatest risk of developing it.

SGHMS commissioned an environmental chamber in which they could safely culture house dust mites as part of their drug development programme. To do this they needed an environment that could control the precise humidity needed in which the mites could thrive on whilst at the same time protecting the scientists from the powerful Asthma causing substances that the mites produce.

The Solution:

Adapted from the standard Beta range, Saffron designed a bespoke containment system which provided a high humidity controlled temperature environment with a metered air supply. This unique system helped to incorporate the exacting levels of intelligence and control needed to maintain the high levels of accuracy required.

The Result:

The specifically design glove-box has enabled SGHMS to scale their research without compromising safety.

Dr Clive Robinson, Reader in Respiratory Cell Science and Co-founder of the SGHMS spin-out company Aldezon Ltd which is developing the machine said –

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with the staff at Saffron Scientific during the specification, design and construction phases of this unusual requirement. Their ability to draw on extensive expertise enabled us to proceed quickly from placing the contract to installation of the finished product. The chamber will be vital in enabling Aldezon to fulfil its busy drug development schedule."


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