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Omega glovebox assists in Organometallic compound research

Saffron Scientific Equipment Ltd has assisted Leeds University by manufacturing and installing an Omega glovebox within their Institute for Materials Research, School of Process, Environmental and Materials Engineering Department.

The glovebox is intended to be used in the mixing of organometallic compounds to produce a "sol" for making ferroelectric thin films to be used in the electronics industry.

The Problem:

The problem that Leeds University’s Institute for Materials Research faced was being able to mix organometallic compounds in the right proportion in order to make a precursor sol, to be used in the preparation of ferroelectric thin films on platinised silicon substrates. The main problem that existed was the fact the compounds in question are extremely moisture sensitive and such a reaction with atmospheric moisture or carbon dioxide can have harmful effects on the sol.

The Solution:

Saffron was able to provide an appropriate glovebox which allowed the Institute for Materials Research to mix the compounds in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen gas. Mixing the reactant compounds in a controlled environment prevents contact with any atmospheric gases as expected properties are obtained through this process.

The Result:

The Omega glovebox has provided the Institute for Materials Research the opportunity to be able to control the oxygen and moisture accurately within the glovebox at the very low levels which are required to successfully mix the organometallic compounds.

Anirban Chowdhury of the Institute for Materials Research at Leeds University said – "The Glovebox really helped our groups by proving an atmosphere that is free from atmospheric gases. All of our materials preparation starts from here, and we are satisfied preparing sols for ferroelectric thin films in this system."


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